10 Tips When Falling For An Old Soul




  1. Simplicity. It’s the simple things in life that capture us. Simple living and simple pleasures in life ground us and make us feel all warm and cozy inside. Extravagant dinners, jewelry, and sparkly gifts may be the key to some people’s hearts but not an old soul. Impressing us is so simple, it’s scary. An intimate conversation on the beach with a candle or a night of camping under the stars is like heaven on earth. Give us experiences and most of all, give us your time.
  2. Alone time. Old souls are pretty intense, spiritual people. It’s not a facade or front we put up, but a lifestyle we live to stay connected to ourselves and to our spiritual path. Time to decompress, detach and meditate are crucial to our well being. So if we turn down an invite to a bar once in awhile, don’t take it personal. Instead, understand our need to be with ourselves because there is probably a reason we are needing some alone time.
  3. Dreamer. As most people only dream when they sleep, we dream constantly. Daydream that is. Sometimes we need a partner to snap us back into reality, but also one who understands our dreaming is what excites us, dreaming inspires us.
  4. Romantics. –ahh, sigh– We love romance and everything that comes with it. Sometimes, expecting a little too much from people trying to win our affections. This can cause some let downs and learning experiences for both partners. Old souls need someone that can pull them out from the clouds when needed and bring them back to a beautiful reality.
  5. Comfort. I’ve always felt like the “grandma” of my friend group. Throwing on a big comfy sweater, staying in to cook dinner, and snuggling up while someone reads to me would be like, so amazing. Going out is good here and there, but know for us, being comfy with our significant other takes the cake.
  6. Free bird. We want freedom. Freedom to chase whatever is worth chasing to us. Nothing holding us back or stopping us from pursuing our dreams and desires. Rather, someone who encourages us to chase and to succeed. Aside from longing for a stable and simple life, we want room to grow and follow whatever path our spirit is leading us on.
  7. An unusual approach to life. Not really conforming to the expected way of living, we view the world and our lives as a blank book and we want to write it. I definitely have very philosophical views and it deeply effects all of my relationships. Being with someone who likes that about us is key!
  8. Not-so material world.  Possessions and money are nice, but it is not number one for us. Intellectual conversations and meaningful experiences is what takes our breath away…
  9. Intuition. You may hear this a lot from an old soul, “I don’t know, I just have this feeling.” Following our hearts more than our minds makes us a bit more in touch with our intuitive side. You can either go with the flow or turn and run, intuitive people can be a bit intimidating. It can be very daunting to some, to have an intuitive partner…especially if the significant other is trying to be sly. Good luck!
  10. We’ve got dreams, big dreams. Idealistic dreams of painting the world like our very own canvas. Ending world hunger or starting a business that benefits people in some positive way is not far from an old souls list of lofty ideas. Helping mankind is on our dreamy To Do List!



I’m sure a lot of you out there can relate to some of these traits or have come across an old soul yourself. Maybe you’re realizing you are one…what qualities do you have that make you or your partner an Old Soul?

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26 thoughts on “10 Tips When Falling For An Old Soul

  1. Dear Kate,
    Thank you for sharing your invaluable insight into the elusive and so greatly sought after old soul. I hope I can apply this directly toward my own life in catching the heart of a lovely old soul who gives my heart wings. ❤


      1. I consider myself an old soul as well. Everything you share it resonates with me. It is a great feeling and the only way to described it, is to accept the way we feel and manifest our realities. Also growing and sharing that loving space. Old souls know the essence of life. Thank you for sharing this great article. Greetings from LA.
        Peace & Love


  2. Thank you for sharing this post. It’s such a good reminder to myself of who I am and what really makes me happy – simplified. As an old and very creative soul, I sometimes feel so complex and find it difficult to communicate accurately to my husband of twenty years what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling that way and what I need exactly. It leaves him frustrated when he feels I am in need in any way and he doesn’t know how to help me fulfill my needs. Especially when I can’t figure it out myself! LOL! So I’m going to save this little article of yours for a reference when I’m trying to figure myself out!
    Thanks again si🌟!

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  3. Your soul may be old but this writing seems to be done by someone that has barely finished high school. The entire article (I’m using that term loosely here) reads like rejected elite daily clickbait. You don’t even explain what an old soul is. This is nothing more than a list of things you like. For being a blog that’s supposed to help reduce anxiety, the poor sentence structure and illogical statements seem to be having quite the opposite effect.


    1. Oh! Well an “old soul” is simply meaning someone’s spirit has lived many lives and is spiritually enlightened from this. This article (and I use the term loosely) is mainly for people who already know what that is… I’m sorry you were confused! If my childish writing gives you more anxiety I would suggest not reading or deep breathing! Works for me. Happy holidays Mr. Finley and God bless.

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      1. There is also a difference between publishing something on the internet and hanging a list on your fridge. The main one being that posting something on a blog opens the author to literary criticism. Being negative isn’t arrogant. However, expecting nothing but praise and positive attention for writing that is mediocre at best certainly seems a bit arrogant. But again, that’s just my opinion, which you are free to go against. God bless.


      2. I never thought more than one person would read my blog so praise, attention, and negative comments are all things I was not expecting. At the same time, I’m glad people are commenting. I just started writing a few months ago so I obviously know it’s far from perfect. Fortunately perfect sentence structure isn’t my goal for “anxious Kate”. Feel free to say whatever you like, I read every comment and appreciate your criticism.


  4. Thanks, Kate. Old soul or new, it’s wonderful to know I am not the only one with these traits. For far too many years I questioned my lack of interest in the “norm” for most women thinking there was something wrong with me. Today, I thoroughly enjoy the company of other people (for a little while) but fill with peace when alone especially during meditation. Keeping life simple is my motto, curiosity keeps me motivated. Blessings to you!


    1. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your alone time and from what I hear, is needed! Socializing is wonderful, getting back to your center is even more so. Thank you for reading and commenting, God bless!


  5. Great read! i love your articles!! Really looking forward to your article on toxic relationships and how being toxic can push your one true love away! All the best xoxo

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  6. Wow, I really am an old soul! I do so appreciate your thoughts, this was a great reminder to me that it’s ok to be different and live at a different pace than many of my peers do. Thanks for the insights!


  7. “I don’t know, I just have this feeling…” So comforting to know I am not the only person saying and feeling this, and all the other things you mentioned in your post! Wonderful writing, thank you! (And I absolutely believe and know that there is a connection between feeling this way and anxiety.. just sayin’…) Happy Holidays and a happy and healthy, New ‘old soul’ Year 🙂

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  8. Being and Old Soul myself, I enjoyed your descriptions on what it takes to love us. It was like having a conversation with a friend. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you so much, being an old soul and connecting with people on the surface may be pretty difficult. I know how it feels, but I value my relationships with those I am close to. Thank you for your kindness. God bless!


  9. I found this via Facebook.. and when i saw it, its so true.. i am Crying my Eyes out… cause i fell in love with a Young soul that didnt understand my soul at all, even though we were soulmate in many ways.. now i have a tiesoul that has entered the time of loneliness. its fine… its just i wish the Young soul would have understood.
    Keep up the great work and i will be Reading your blogg, I am fallowing you on ig.


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